The Sleeper of the Sahel

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Visoanska Sable Sahel

How to survive in one of the most extreme environment in the world?
Sleeping in the Sahel, a plankton first manifestation of life, gives you the answer.


In order to ensure its survival in the most barren areas of the Sahel, the Scenedesmus has acquired the property of transitioning into a dormant state when imperiled by its environment. Later, it resumes its activity as soon as the conditions allow it...More conditions are extreme more its activity is stimulated. It is thus able to live several months without water and distribute its energy wisely.

The incorporation of this plankton extract into VISOANSKA formulas increases the energy capital of your skin, and allows to transmit a battery of defenses against external and environmental stress (UV, Ozone, Antioxydant, free radicals, temperature). The entire biodynamism increases which allows many anti-aging  actions:

- Increases  moisturization up to 46% in 8H
- Decreases wrinkles depth 85%
- Decreases  skin roughness 70%


An excellent active ingredient adapted to the stress that allows the maintain of skin softness, brightness and moisturization.

 Present in our exclusive Complexe Survie Extrême™,  it works like a precious shield against environmental stress and stimulates the longevity of your cells and improves the micro relief of your skin.

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