Tried and tested testimonial

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Visoanska High Light Solution and Supreme Eye Potion


We are pleased to share with you an interesting testimonial posted by Shiba on her independent British blog ShiShi last 6th December 2011, after having had her mum test our products for 5 weeks:

 (...) There's no denying that French skincare is one of the best and for years women around the world swear by French cosmetic products (…) When I was sent the press release for this product, I knew instantly that it was a range I could trust. It's French, it's has years of experience and the facts are clearly scientifically backed up.(...)

For the past two months, this has been my mum's only skin care regime. (...)  by the 4th-5th week she asked me whether it's just her or if I am also seeing a difference in her skin appearance. I did, and her skin was glowing. She was happy. (...)

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Christmas offer at Harrods London

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 Visoanska windows in Harrods London

Christmas gift ideas: we prepared for you some beautiful giftboxes available only at Harrods in London. We asure you that your gift will be deeply appreciated!

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