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We are pleased to share with you a fantastic British piece of blog posted by Shiba on her independent UK blog ShiShi last 6th December 2011:



VISOANSKA - The French Beauty Revolution


I write this post on behalf of my mum who has been testing these two products out for the past two months. The reason I thought the best judge for these products would be my mum was due to a number of reasons:



A) She is not easily swayed by ANY kind of beauty products

B) She doesn't use a million different products like I do so the results would be fair and accurate and

C) The products are mainly designed to combat signs of ageing so with my mum being in her 40s, she'd be the perfect person to try these


Visoanska says:


" Elisabeth Visoanska skincare creates formulas that not only combat the signs of ageing but also set in motion an enduring preservation of youthfulness. Combining natural-origin active ingredients and nutritional supplements, Visoanska has found a way to change the skin's behaviour on a molecular scale in order to provide it, on a daily basis, with the strength to resist time".


There's no denying that French skincare is one of the best and for years women around the world swear by French cosmetic products. My grandmother, great aunt and mother all recall the best beauty products of their time to be from France so it's not just a myth, it's a fact. A fact well backed up by years of research and hard work. Elisabeth Visoanska brought her amazing skincare brand across the channel and introduced it to us Brits earlier this year. Every product contains 93% natural-origin ingredients, 13 patented technologies and 34 specific active ingredients that fully contribute to their effectiveness. Best of all, they are guaranteed to be free of petrochemical derivatives, colourant, parabens, silicons, PEG, chemical emulsifiers and synthetic fragrances. 


There are many reasons why my mum is a pessimist when it comes to beauty products. A few years ago, shortly after giving birth to my youngest sister, my mum had an extremely horrible allergic reaction to box dye from the chemist. So bad to an extent that she had blisters on her scalp and lost patches of hair across her head. Not a pretty sight at all. From there on, she became allergic to all kinds of products, from natural kohl eye pencils to lipsticks and fragrances. The reason why I'm saying all this is because for years my mum has stayed clear from products. Only recently she's been given the all clear by her doctor to start introducing beauty products back into her regime, but only then she has to be extra careful with what she uses. 


When I was sent the press release for this product, I knew instantly that it was a range I could trust. It's French, it's has years of experience and the facts are clearly scientifically backed up.


The two products from the range that I had my mum try out were the High Light Solution (£98) and the Supreme Eye Potion (£102). The High Light Solution is essentially a moisturiser designed to restore radiance to dull skin and prevent the appearance of brown spots whilst evening out pigmentation and correcting the look of redness.  The Supreme Eye Potion is an intense eye treatment with a rich formula helping to diminish visible signs of ageing by regenerating and repairing cellular damage and also reducing under-eye puffiness and dark circles.


For the past two months, this has been my mum's only skin care regime. She cleanses her face with a special prescribed gentle cleanser and applies the High Light Solution morning and night and the Supreme Eye Potion before she goes to bed. From an outside point of view, I have certainly seen a change in my mum's skin. It's so much more radiant and even and generally looks very healthy. Although she never had problematic or severely aged skin, it's apparent that something looks different. Even my dad has noticed a difference and he knows nothing about skincare or beauty. 


What my mum thinks. When she first started using the products, I would ask her what she thinks of them and how she feels it is changing her skin. She was honest and initially said she can't feel or see any difference. Normal, as these things take time. I encouraged her to continue using it and by the 4th-5th week she asked me whether it's just her or if I am also seeing a difference in her skin appearance. I did, and her skin was glowing. She was happy.


A couple of weeks ago I asked her again what she thought of the products and her exact words: "I'm already upset thinking about when they run out". Yes, my mum is convinced and the two Visoanska products are officially "mummy approved". She said that her skin feels very healthy and soft and loves how luxurious it leaves her skin feeling. She said she also noticed that when she cleanses her face in the morning (with her regular prescribed cleanser) it no longer feels dry and stretched, like you do with some cleansers. But obviously the only thing changed in her routine is the moisturiser not the cleanser so it's clearly having an effect on the quality and type of skin. The only downside, if you can even call it a downside, is that she isn't a great fan of the smell, but I think she's just being fussy. I tried it once just to test it out and didn't find the smell to be offensive at all. If anything, I was struggling to smell anything. It's just a very light hint of a seaweed type of smell, but it's too light to classify as seaweed. I guess because of my mum's sensitivity she notices it more than I do but it's not something to stop you trying these products out. 


The range offers a large variety of products from supplement tablets designed for different skin types to face creams and eye potions. They are available from Harrods and prices range from £58 to £195. I admit that the range is expensive but it's worth every single penny you pay for. If it managed to please my mum, it will make any mother happy. I'm strongly considering some of the other products for her Christmas gift. 

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