7 Super Foods that will make your skin glow!

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Have you ever heard of a term "Super Food"? Seems like recently media started pushing and promoting healthy way of living, full of conscious choices. Social media is booming us with the amount of smoothie pictures, vegan food and bio products. Maybe it is time for you to fully commit to healthy way of living and make new habits?  

Here's a list of 7 Super Foods that will change your life and help your skin look beautiful and glowing:


These two oldest types of algaes with highest amount of vegan protein, micro and macroelements and vitamins (especially from B Group), have the ultimate power to help you overcome lack of Iron, Magnesium and Calcium in your blood system, detoxify your lymphatic system and liver, keep the stress levels low and make your skin naturally beautiful and glowing.

 Spirulina & Chlorella Smoothie by Visoanska©Visoanksa & MessMag

 Maca Smoothie©

MACA Powder

This yellow powder is ultimate skin detoxifier and energy booster! Better than a coffee, this natural stimulant will keep you calm, yet energized and give you that perfect after-vacation look on your skin. Added to your smoothie or muesli in the morning is a perfect start of the day!

ACAI Berries

Who hasn't heard of these miraculous wild berries from Brasil?

Famous celebrities and best nutritionists use them in their kitchens!
Acai Berries have been infamous for over few thousands years for their antioxidation, anti-aging and energizing abilities. To make your skin looking health, you need to keep the hormones balance in your blood and that's what Acai Berries provide you!
Add them to your smoothie, yoghurt or juice and rejuvenate the whole body, mind and soul!

 Acai & Goji Smoothie By Visoanska©Visoanksa & MessMag

 Baobab Smoothie by Visoanska©Visoanksa & MessMag

Baobab Powder

This ingredient straight from Africa is also a part of Visoanska's day and night supplements to help revitalize, detoxify and repair the skin from damaged cells. Baobab powder is a great antioxidant, immune system booster, rich in vit C, blood and lymphatic system detoxifier and skin hero!

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds have become one of the most famous and widely used Super Food in recipes (smoothies, chia pudding or even chia champagne). These small exotic seeds are one of the best natural sources of Omega 3 and Acids that stabilize your blood hormones and kill inflammation in your body. Most importantly, to keep the glowing look from glossy magazine’s first pages every day, Omega 3 and 6 Acids are needed. Keep calm and eat Chia!

 CHIA Smoothie by Visoanska©Visoanksa & MessMag

 Almond by Visoanska©Visoanksa & MessMag


We all know them, we all eat them. Sometimes.

Have you wondered why all of the supermodels such as Adriana Lima use Almond Milk and Almonds in their everyday diet? High in proteins and healthy fats, vit. A+E and other valuable micro and macroelements rich, almonds are considered as the healthiest nuts in the world!

Surprisingly, you will not get fat after eating them! Scientists did research that Almonds are the best food to eat after working out, because they provide high amount of natural, highly absorbing by our bodies proteins and healthy fats, plus they can help you recover faster due to a long list of Amino Acids.

Goji Berries

Last, but not least, Chinese Goji Berries, an absolute great source of well-being, quality sleep, weight loss and... glowing skin.

Miranda Kerr, super model eats every day Goji Berries and even adds them to her skin care products!Goji Berries are full of Vit C, antioxidants and nutritionally dense micro and macro elements that make them absolutely worth adding to your everyday menu!

Goji Berry Smoothie By Visoanska©Visoanksa & MessMag

Visoanska in collaboration with Domonika Perek Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director of Mess Magazine.

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