Extreme efficiency of our LUMINOVS mask.

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Our LUMINOVS biocellulose mask has become the world bestceller. Clients from Canada to Australia purchase it massivelly and our Parisian boutique attracts people from the other end of the town who come to have the pleasure to purchase it personnally. We are sent limousines and private shoppers that pick up this product for some celebrities. What makes its success?  

The fabrics or our mask is produced from a special bacteria. It has a unique structure that fit perfectly into your skin's pores, its molecule size is much smaller to a plant cellulose. What it means to you? well, it can allow the nutrients to penetrate into a deeper skin layer thanks to the cellulose diameter smaller than epidermis pore. 

Also its holding capacity of a serum is 3 times more important that that of a cellulose or tissue mask. 

What's in that serum? Three powerful brigthening and whitening special fractions of Alpha Arbutin, Licorice and Nicinamide and a super dose of the highest quality hyaluronic acid. All together they will drastically improve moisture, more even, they will bind moisture into your epidermis and have it produce moisture by itself. This cocktail visibly makes your skin more luminous, more translucent, simply brighter, smoother and younger... The effect was proven on all skin colors. Every woman on Earth no matter what skin color she is, will benefit from a brigther looking complexion. That's the secret of all the stars who know how to attact the light. Now... it's your turn to be in the spotlight!

Following our principles, our mask is also good for our planet! 100% natural composition is 100% biodegradable. if you burry it in the soil , you will find absolutelly nothing there only after 6 weeks. That makes your feel even better! 

We include a video found on the other part of the world, made by a Chinese influencer who simply fell in love with our mask, without that we ever new about it... Thank you Benny,  we are deeply touched ! 

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