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Once upon a time, a woman by the name of Elisabeth Visoanska dreamt of creating visionary natural skincare dedicated to the most demanding of her peers. A project unheard of at the time. Nevertheless, she embarked on journey towards her dream, which eventually payed off. Thus, the first eco-luxury brand of skincare called "Visoanska" was born.

In the meantine, somewhere in a faraway eastern European country, lived a young woman yearning towards something bigger, better and more beautiful. This yearning, and absurd passion towards beauty both within and out was what eventually caused the two women to cross paths and start a beautiful collaboration.

Not long after, the idea of opening a beauty institute came to life. Now, on 19 rue de Turenne, 75004 stands a small but exceptionnaly quaint house of beauty dedicated to offering the most high-end qualitatives services for the most demanding clientele. Services such as anti-aging facials, massages, manicures, pedicures, eyebrows and eyelashes treatments, are realized on a level no less than perfect.

The quality of work at Maison Visoanska is as close to perfection as it can be for numerous reasons. Unlike most beauty houses, the entire ram wen throught the most selective hiring process centered aroung 25 mandatory criteria and qualifications. Firstly, each specialist works only in their domain of specialization, and all the specialists have a minimum of 7, and maximum of 26 years of experience in the beauty industry. Secondly, each specialist has a minimum of 17 diplomas legitimizing their qualification and professionalism. Among those diplomas are awards won in international competitions. Thirdly, a distinguishing factor which we take much pride in, is the fact that most of our specialist have a medical background and were practicing medics in their country of birth. This has enabled them to reach the highest levels of perfectionism and precision in their meticulous work. Lastly, the team of professionals is predominately Slavic, which I saw in no way to discredit other communities and will elabore on this point in the last paragrah.

Maison Visoanska offers some of the newest and most sophisticated beauty treatments focused on replenishing your body from head to toe and restoring its youth. Unique facials treatments built upon the philosophy and protocol of "Visoanska", a brand which was the pioneer of the term "eco-luxury". High-tech eyelash and brow treatments based on natural peptides and keratin using premium regenerating color pigments. Nail strengthening treatments based on Slavic ancestral remedies complimented by a choice of nail art limited only by your imagination. Massage techniques personalized to every client need inspired by both ancien and modern methods. Body relaxation and healing rituals from all over the world done by a professional with over 24 years of experience and knowledge gathered from living in over 3 continents.

For those who aren't aware of Slavic beauty standards, allow me to reassure you based on first-hand experience, they are the most demanding in the world. The attention given to beauty requires meticulousness in their work to expresss and maintain. This desire stems from a culture, in which women have always strived to look their best no matter the circumstances and made many sacrifices in the name of beauty and. Thus, the beauty industry in eastern Europe has always been one of the few industry's to continuously flourish till this day, thanks to the passion, obsessive curiosity, investments in cutting edge technology and a mentality where beauty is placed on the highest pedestal. The same kind of passion is turned into beauty every day, at Maison Visoanskaeven on Sundays

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