New Best Seller LUMINOVS

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New Best Seller LUMINOVS 

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Good Morning TVN (Dzien Dobry TVN): A reportage by Marcin Lipowski

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Elisabeth Visoanska interviewed by the Polish TVN channel


It was a great pleasure for us to welcome in Paris the reporters of the Polish TVN channel. Led by Marcin Lipowski, the reporting team witnessed for three days the intense and exciting everyday life of the parisian cosmetic brand...



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An encounter with Elisabeth Visoanska by Zuneta

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It is a pleasure to share with you this beautiful presentation of Elisabeth Visoanska by Zuneta (UK).

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The temptation of the new Visoanska beauty rituals

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Have a glimpse at our new beauty rituals and yield to temptation to try them out in one of the luxury SPAs around the world. 


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Crossing generations

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According to some studies, what makes us seem older (than we might look :) and what really sets differences between two generations is not keeping up with technologies and music.

Here is my favourite encounter of two generations, two undesputed idols of their times and beyond: Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley. A mythical duet from May 1960, each of them interprets a song of another. It will make you smile.


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Les antioxydants naturels, un complément pour rester jeune.

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Visoanska fruits visual



Le vieillissement cutané est le processus d’évolution naturel de la peau. Il est donc inévitable. En effet, de par son activité, chaque cellule produit des radicaux libres qui contribuent à endommager l’épiderme, entrainant ainsi son vieillissement. Ce processus se trouve accéléré par la pollution, le stress, le soleil ou encore des facteurs extérieurs tels que les déséquilibres alimentaires....

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Passion is the key

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Steve Jobs' is a great inspiration when it comes to creating innovating products that defy the status quo.

As a brand founder I find his words in this short video so touching and true. I thought to share it here so that you can realize what drives us:

" You need a lot of passion for what you're doing because its so hard. Without passion, any rational person would give up."

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Un reportaje de Television Española

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Con un gran placer compartimos con vosotros este bonito reportaje sobre nuestros productos realizado por la cadena española,  TV Valenciana. 


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You see it first on Fashion TV

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Take a glance at our advertisement born out of our collaboration with Fashion TV.  

Anecdotically, if you ever wondered how to pronounce correctly VISOANSKA, check this ad out and hear as Elisabeth herself does it.


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