Natural vs Organic

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Natural vs Organic, yes there's a difference!
Visoanska Natural Anti age skincare

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Visoanska Wins best European Luxury Skincare & Spa Brand Award

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Visoanska is the winner of the 2017 Best European Luxury Skincare & Spa Brand Award

Thank you for your trust, Lux Magazine.

Visoanska 2017 Lux Awards

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Beauty Secrets by Audrey Hepburn

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Audrey Hepburn & Visoanska When the marvelous actress Audrey Hepburn revealed her beauty secrets, she was referring to Sam Levenson beautiful poem, her favourite poem which was read at her funeral. A tounching response that leaves us hope to become even more beautiful with years passing...

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From Angelina Jolie to Kate Moss, the A-list fans of Visoanska

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Angelina Jolie and Kate Moss fans of Visoanska





It has been a long-time secret but now our A-list clients agreed to share their names with you! We are very pleased to announce that Angelina Jolie and Kate Moss share the same skincare secret: VISOANSKA skin care line

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7 Super Foods that will make your skin glow!

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Have you ever heard of a term "Super Food"? Seems like recently media started pushing and promoting healthy way of living, full of conscious choices. Social media is booming us with the amount of smoothie pictures, vegan food and bio products. Maybe it is time for you to fully commit to healthy way of living and make new habits? 


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Good Morning TVN (Dzien Dobry TVN): A reportage by Marcin Lipowski

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Elisabeth Visoanska interviewed by the Polish TVN channel


It was a great pleasure for us to welcome in Paris the reporters of the Polish TVN channel. Led by Marcin Lipowski, the reporting team witnessed for three days the intense and exciting everyday life of the parisian cosmetic brand...



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