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Hypnotic Eye Potion & Supreme Eye Potion

The perfect duo to sublimate your eye contour !

Editions Limitées contour des yeux Visoanska

       The limited edition pops up with a unity of     wild nature and technical intelligence.

New Visoanska Eye contour

Hypnotic Eye Potion


 Slip your favorite eye potion pen to minimize expression lines in the wink of an eye and refresh you look at any moment !

Luminous youthful glow
Diminishes puffiness and dark circles
Ultra-smoothing and uplifting

Formula enriched with Visoanska's Complexe Survie Extrême ™.

Major effects in15-minutes *:
  Depth and volume of your wrinkles reduces by 42,36% and 47,5%;
  Eye puffiness decreases (77%);
  Eye contour is nourished and moisturized (91%);
  Skin feels smooth and soft (82%).



*Effectiveness proven in vivo on 22 women aged between 40-70.

Supreme Eye Potion


Recognized by the famous magazine ELLE, this is a sumptuous deep-acting treatment with the ultimate velvety finish, for eyes that look transformed in the morning. It acts on all the indicators of cellular aging and cutaneous dysfunction. Helps regenerate the delicate skin in the eye area and fight the appearance of visible signs of fatigue.

Formula enriched with Visoanska’ s Complexe Survie Extrême™.

+148% increase on the number of mitotic cells after 6 days of treatment*;
Clearly stimulates the synthesis of collagen and of GAG which are important pools of growth factors*;
Clear anti-aging activity in the papillary dermis*;
Decrease of the total wrinkled surface for 64% women*;
A tetrapeptide of biotechnological origin works to reduce the look of undereye puffiness and dark circles in just 15 days and prevents their reemergence*;
Protection against pollution and lipoperoxidation**.


*Effectiveness proven ex vivo & in vivo
** Effectiveness proven in vitro

 Edition Limitée Supreme Eye Potion Visoanska

Your look regains its youthful appearance,

day after day !

Duo Jour et Nuit Contour des Yeux Visoanska

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